No July Meeting

We recently changed to a bimonthly schedule, so there is no membership meeting in July.  Watch this space for an announcement of another new location for the first Thursday in August.

Bylaws amended

The Board voted to adopt amended Bylaws.

Notable changes from 2008:

  • Board of 5, up from 4 (4.01)
  • Two-year terms, overlapping (5.01)
  • Directors must pay dues (4.02)
  • Anyone removed for cause is no longer eligible for membership (3.01, 3.05)

A new chapter

At our regular membership meeting on December 8, 2016, Chris Luick was removed from his office as President for cause, by a unanimous vote of the members present. He no longer has any association with the Club.

Read the minutes.

The Board now consists of:

    • President: Greg Abbott
    • Vice President: Jack Sabba
    • Secretary: James Hickstein
    • Treasurer: Scott Benson

Their terms expire with the annual Board election at the April meeting. Nominations must be submitted at least 30 days in advance.