Minutes: October 1, 2020

The regular meeting of the MN SAAB Club was called to order at 1930 on date in Island Lake County Park by Jack Sabba. Officers Present: Jason Ecker, Colton Angermeier, Jim Hickstein, Greg Abbott.

Present: 13 voting members in good standing, 5 guests 

Agenda / Discussion / Voting:

Project Car: Proposal from Chuck Andrews: 2005 Saab 9-3 Convertible donated to the SAAB Heritage Museum; USA. Members expressed interest in taking on the project to assess and possibly rehabilitate the vehicle before it makes its way to the museum in SD. Several members and guests expressed willingness to volunteer time and help work on the vehicle. Jack/Colton offered shop space at their garage for the project. Jim Hickstein and Chuck Andrew’s to coordinate pickup/delivery of the vehicle.

Driving Courses: Bruce Parker presented on opportunities for Club Members to participate in supervised driving courses at DCTC. We have been invited in the past but participation has been limited.

Structure: Discussion to change the formal structure of the club ended with a unanimous vote to maintain the current structure; primarily to maintain an entity structure for legal reasons. There was consensus to modify the by-laws to drop “Regular Meetings” (Bi-Monthly, first Thursday) and making an annual (or as-needed) Membership Meeting to discuss business items and hold officer elections in 2021, moving forward – Likely in April. Direction received from Membership was to continue to have one club event per month at a minimum, but not necessarily expect the regular meetings traditionally organized by the board. This will reduce the regular workload on club officers and offer opportunities to members interested in taking a more active role to create events and invite members to participate.

Dues: Between Jan 1, 2020 and Oct 1, 2020 the Club has provided meals at 4 events and raffled prizes at 5 events.  Members discussed where current dues dollars go and where to focus spending in the future. Consensus was to provide food at volunteer events (if possible) and occasionally at other club events when practical. Door prizes & raffles were favored by some and not necessary for others. Status quo is to offer a door prize by raffle at an event periodically and encourage donations for future door prizes. No consensus reached to change dues amount. Dues amount will stay at $20/year for active members. 

Officer elections: Elections in April were canceled due to Covid-19. A motion was made and unanimously accepted to synchronize the election cycle for 2020 offices to April 2021 –

President – Jack Sabba
Vice President – Jason Ecker
Secretary – Colton Angermeier
Treasurer – Jim Hickstein
Director – Greg Abbott

We are always looking for volunteers to the board – if interested in taking a leadership role in the club please reach out to one of the current officers.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 2015 by Jack Sabba. The next general meeting will be at 7 PM on December 3rd, 2020 at 7PM, location TBD.

Minutes submitted by: Jack Sabba
Approved by: Colton Angermeier, Jason Ecker, Jim Hickstein